Nude By Nature x ASOS Breakfast

16 July 2016

So last Tuesday I was kindly invited by ASOS to breakfast at Mei's Deli in Marylebone. Sadly I didn't get to take any pictures of the amazing smoothies, granola pots and pancakes as the table was pretty cluttered with Blogger gadgets and Latte cups by the times I had arrived but I can assure it, it was DELISH and I will definitely be paying them another visit very soon!

The breakfast was followed by a talk from Clint Dowell (The creative director of Nude by Nature) who explained a little about the brand and the products and then colour matched us so we knew our shades in their amazing loose powder foundation. I was lucky enough to not only get to take home the whole of their contour collection but their amazing highlight kit, highlight sticks, and a complexion starter kit (reviews to follow)

Some of the products featured above are already available now on the ASOS website Here

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