Nude By Nature x ASOS Breakfast

16 July 2016

So last Tuesday I was kindly invited by ASOS to breakfast at Mei's Deli in Marylebone. Sadly I didn't get to take any pictures of the amazing smoothies, granola pots and pancakes as the table was pretty cluttered with Blogger gadgets and Latte cups by the times I had arrived but I can assure it, it was DELISH and I will definitely be paying them another visit very soon!

The breakfast was followed by a talk from Clint Dowell (The creative director of Nude by Nature) who explained a little about the brand and the products and then colour matched us so we knew our shades in their amazing loose powder foundation. I was lucky enough to not only get to take home the whole of their contour collection but their amazing highlight kit, highlight sticks, and a complexion starter kit (reviews to follow)

Some of the products featured above are already available now on the ASOS website Here

Jeff Koons at Newport Street Gallery

11 July 2016


Photography by @HanadYusuf

It's been a while since I've decided to drag my butt out of my bed on a sunday and did something. So yesterday I did just that and met up with my friend Hanad and headed down to the Newport Street Gallery to tick off something from my 'London to do list' to see the Jeff Koons 'Now' exhibition. I won't give too much away as pictures don't do the collections any justice, but do head down there if you can to take a look for yourself. It is absolutely Amazing!

Address: Newport St, London SE11 6AJ
Closest station : Vauxhall

New in | Adidas Primeknit

10 July 2016

Photography by Clement Willoughby

Another day, another on foot? Erm, yes! When it comes to trainers I simply cannot help myself and lately adidas has been killing it with the Primeknit. These are two pairs I picked up over June that I simply couldn't go home without! Lightweight and comfortable these two are perfect for summer and I will definitely be rocking them a lot!

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