11 Beauty wants for 2015

21 January 2015

There are always a bunch of things I want but every time payday comes or I'm out shopping I feel as if those items could wait a couple of weeks or months, whilst the list just grows and grows. Do you ever do that? This year, I told myself that I would not spend as much as I usually do when it comes to both fashion and beauty and utilise what I have before buying things I don't necessarily need nor use.

I had to put together a collage of all the beauty wants I can't get off my mind (or list in my case) that I will eventually be grabbing this year.

2015 Beauty Wishlist

Tried any of the above already, then let me know what you think of it.

What's on your beauty wish list for 2015?

Just To Say...

19 January 2015

Hey ladies (and gents), Happy New Year from me.

I have been quite absent lately from blogging but I have noticed that people are still viewing the blog daily which means a great deal to me. There have been many different reasons as to why I haven't blogged within the last two months but I will assure you all, I have NOT lost my blogging mojo. I wasn't happy with how my blog was going so I needed some time out to see what direction I wanted this to go in. The blog name was also a main issue as I felt it wasn't really me despite my name being in the title. The reason I have decided to post a little message to you all, mainly my frequent readers, is that I will be changing the blog to www.fivetwostyle.com which will still contain beauty, personal style and lifestyle posts just as before.

I would like to thank you for all the support during the last couple of months, it means a great deal to me! I hope you all continue supporting me, and I promise a lot of exciting posts and updates shortly.

See you all very soon x

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