Review | Diorskin Star Foundation

12 November 2014

Every magazine I flick through, blog I go on, and even Instagram post I click on, I see this. So really it is no wonder why I also had to get my hands on it. Buying foundation for me has to be the trickiest thing ever as shade hunting is long long long! What I mean, in english, is that I can never get my perfect shade so I sometimes have to mix or I can't have that specific foundation. This review has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time and the foundation has now been out for a couple months. I have had it for around a month but I have taken a while to review because I wanted to give you the most honest review. 

My Experience

The shades I grabbed in the Diorskin Star Foundation were 040 Dark Beige and 050 Honey Beige, and it comes in 16 different shades in total. Just like the name suggests, this foundation is really a Star. The packaging is sleek just like all the other Dior products, and it comes with a pump which makes it easy to apply. I must tell you now, one pump of this and it covered my whole face which was really good. 

I use a damp Beauty Blender to apply this and the application is smooth and even. I feel it covers enough to still leave you with a natural look without the cakey looking skin and is very light on the skin too, and this has been a problem for me before as I feel Mac foundations make me feel like I am wearing a mask! I have even worn this on 20 hour days and it is probably the only foundation that leaves me with a glow as well as stays put throughout the day (I do use a Mac MSN powder over it) so I was pretty pleased with this as I never carry any makeup with me except lip products so I can't reapply during the day.

I love how with this foundation I don't get the horrid dreaded flashback I sometimes get taking a selfie, as this foundation was formulated despite still having a 30+ SPF. It captures the light so well I literally have to compare it to a halo. The scent is amazing and isn't so noticeable after a couple of minutes, and the fact it stayed put all day means that this foundation is now one of my grails! Another amazing thing I have noticed is that it doesn't leave me with a greasy looking nose throughout the day which is amazing as I don't need to blot *Winning!* and I find this so annoying to the point I try to avoid wearing foundation.

Does it Oxidise on the skin?

I have been asked this quite a lot and to answer your question... I have read other reviews which have said it tends to on them, however, I think this is all down to skin types and as I have Normal to Combination skin which stays the same shade throughout the whole wear of it.

Overall I find this foundation amazing, and judging by the pump to face ratio it looks like it will last quite a while so don't be alarmed by the price. You really get what you paid for with this one. You can grab this foundation from department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams as well as Boots for £32.

Have you tried or are considering using the Diorskin Star Foundation? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box x

New In | October Beauty Buys

6 November 2014

So it feels like it's been a while since I have shared my monthly beauty buys with you guys even though it was only seven weeks ago... Actually that is quite long! This month I have quite a bit to share with you all, mainly because I went away so I picked up some small bits also which I have included in this post but you May have also seen it in my previous travel post here. It is a little late because I usually purchased all my beauty bits before mid month in time to post them but I didn't do it that way during October.

I won't swatch anything because it will make the post super long but I will be reviewing the Velvetine's and the Dior Star Foundation this week. Will list below all the products you can purchase online or where I have purchased the ones I haven't.

Products purchased:
Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem and Suedeberry - £13.50 (each)
Jimmy Choo Stars 60ml EDP - £41.99
Jimmy Choo 100ml EDP - £57.99
Palmers Shea Butter Conditioner- £6.99 (Local Sainsburys)
Sephora Nano Lip Liners in Cute Caramel & Native Nude - €6
Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 208 - £8.90
Kiko Smart Lip Liner in 700 - £2.50
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Personne Ne Rouge - £8.99

What did you manage to grab last month?

Travel Diary | A Parisian Getaway

5 November 2014

So last week I went on a long weekend away to Paris and I must tell you this now, I am probably one of few people that has never really had paris on their 'to go list'. But off we packed and went! It was lovely to get away for a short while, and it is such a beautiful city which I think EVERYONE needs to visit at least once. The trip was mainly to go to Disneyland Resort Paris, which we went for two days, and used the arrival and departure days to sightsee HOWEVER it was so hard to get around as everything is far on foot (a 45 minute walk is a 10 minute drive) so we ended up spending a fortune on taxi's alone. Another thing was the queue's for everything we're at least 30 to two hours long, and when you're with a small child it's something mythical.  Disney was amazing, that is something I can go every year and not get bored, you would think it is just for kids but there was more for the adults to do than children I think. 

It was a lovely trip regardless but, in my opinion, nothing beats my beloved London. Would I return? Most probably, but I would plan my trip way better and make sure I locate a Starbucks everywhere, as I didn't have one decent coffee at all in the whole four days.

Somebody wasn't too amused with this ride!

Sephora goodies

Currently Loving | Fluffy Faux

2 November 2014

It's like a ritual to treat myself to a warm furry coat every winter, and this year there are loads of amazing ones on the high street that I am totally in love with. I purchased mine (also listed below) quite early this year when I first saw it, but I've already have my eye on the amazing printed ones I have seen around lately. My current fave brand has to be Story Of Lola as there are so many quirky prints that clash in such a good way! I will leave you with a couple of my favourite ones I have spotted this month!

Fluffy Faux

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