Fall Semester Wears

17 October 2014

University started once again this month for me and lately I have had a bit of a wardrobe crisis and purchased so much (too much that I refuse to blog about as it may seem like the usual 'bragging'). If you know me you will know that I am forever changing how I dress and can vary some day to day but this month I'm all about cute and casual.

Here are some of my favourite day to day items for the Fall/Autumn semester and let's just say I own quite a lot of what is posted and they are all pretty easy to piece with other things as well as together!

Fall semester staples

Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrows

9 October 2014

A lot of people have been messaging me about my brow routine lately and to be honest, I don't have one. I have always had quite full (not thick) eyebrows and how I see it nothing beats a good thread to have them looking fab... If done by the correct person that is. After years of using Mac's Brow Pencil in Spiked and Benefit's Brow Zings palette occasionally,  I felt as if my routine was boring, and that my eyebrows were looking too sharp and overly drawn in instead of the usual natural look I was going for. So in April I finally gave in to this brand as I had heard so much about it via Youtube, blogs and Instagram and went all out and purchased the Brow Powder, Two Brow Wiz and the new and famous Dipbrow. It has taken me this long to review it because not only are there three products my how I feel towards my brows changes all the time and I wanted this to be as correct as possible, so now that it's been three months I feel more comfortable giving you my honest opinion.

Brow Wiz
This rivals Mac's Spiked pencil most certainly, however despite the amazing brunette colour with no reddish undertones and the brush end to help spread product to even out product, I felt that this pencil was not so steady when holding it which seems to bother me a lot. 
Brow Powder
The simplicity of this is what makes it great, it comes with two powders to give you an easy gradient eyebrow, avoiding the dreaded scousebrow but in all fairness you could easily use an eyeshadow powder for the same effect. What makes this different to the rest is its staying power which for a powder did surprise me.
Dipbrow Pomade
I get along with the product so well. At first it was really tricky as it was a formula and texture that I wasn't used to however a little goes a long way and the application of it is getting better. This to outline and the Brow Powder to fill in is the perfect combo.
Overall Opinion:
I find they are all great but it depends on the person and the brow. For me the DipBrow is my favourite but I do have my days where I will feel to reach for a different product instead of the usual so I find it very handy to have all.
Where Can I Buy?

If you are UK based or EU most of the products can be purchased from online stockists such as Net APorter, Cult Beauty as the products are still very new to our markets so limited retailers. For US based they are available from Nordstrom and Sephora and possibly many more.

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