Autumn Wants

28 August 2014

It is clear that the good weather is pretty unlikely to return and my online baskets and wishlists are filling up with loads of winter warmers. It seems as if I want it all lately even though I have promised to spend less on things I don't actually need because I am in the process of minimizing my wardrobe. The end of the year is approaching and all my scents seem to be either really summery or really warm so I need new fragrance, I have an eye test VERY soon and I know some new specs would be very much appreciated so its not all about clothes and pretty make up this month, there is literally a bit of everything on this months list. Here are a couple of amazing things I really really want from some of my favourite online stores.

10. Zara Wool Wrap Coat - £159

I'm Back

15 August 2014

Hey guys, it has been a while since I have had some time to blog but I'm back now and for good this time. I will be posting more fashion, more beauty, the odd fitness post and loads of food. If there is anything you would like to see on here that I may be willing to blog (I'm sure I will anyway) then send me an email, tweet me or even leave a comment below.

So whilst I have been away I always managed to go on holiday to portugal to visit family and it was a very well needed trip for me and my younger sibling. We bonded, had fun and saw our family so it was a lovely and positive trip. The food was amazing as usual and despite the iffy cloudy weather I still managed to enjoy every single bit of it. I didn't manage to take many pictures because I spent most of my days at the beach and my DSLR is way too bulky and precious to get ruined. I haven't got used to taking pictures of anything and everything so I leave you with a few randoms (mainly food) from my camera roll.

Enjoy x

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