Review: BooTea 14 Day Tea Tox

14 July 2014

So I am currently drinking my last tea of my 14 day BooTea tea tox as I type this and to be honest I have mixed reviews when it comes to this. The whole 14 days wasn't easy but it isn't exactly hard either. The last couple of days I would forget to take my tea on time so I could have two within 5 hours of each other etc which wasn't good for me in my opinion. But overall it wasn't a bad experience and I am glad I did decided to try it because I had been eyeing it up for way too long now.

What is BooTea?
BooTea is meant to be a tea that aids in your cleanse and weight loss, which comes in a form of a 14 day tea tox or a 28 tea tox. It is not meant to be a slimming tea however it has a laxative effect which obviously does make you go to the toilet quite often to get rid of waste. They state that you can lose weight without drastically cutting down your calorie intake etc, however by judging and following their meal plans you do cut out quite a bit such as meat. The tea comes in two different bags; one which contains a day tea which you take ONCE a day preferably once you wake up and a night tea which you take every other night before bed, and acts in order to remove toxins from the body whilst you sleep as well as the prevention of those extra calories turning into fat we don't need and thats where the whole laxative thing takes place. Now, I will start by telling you that this morning tea smells absolutely rank, like somebody died in those tea bags, but you can't taste anything foul only peppermint so drinking it is easy and the smell goes once the hot water is added anyway.

Eating Plan
You can access an eating plan they have kindly supplied you with on their website which they suggest you follow however it isn't by force but in order to achieve the results you may be after you should consider following it. The plan consists of a breakfast option, two snacks (midday and afternoon), as well as lunch and they are all tasty (I won't lie I don't remember half of them right now) with meals such as 1 grilled cod fillet with 5 minted new potatoes, 1tsp low-fat spread, vegetables and 1tsp mint sauce for dinner or 1 small wholemeal roll filled with 2tsp low-fat spread, handful of prawns and salad for lunch.

My Opinion
I will firstly start off by saying that everyone will have different effects to this than I have. Before I started I was told by other ladies that this works and will make me go to the loo quite often however during the two weeks I was on this I only needed to go to the toilet often on one occasion and the rest were all regular (unless I poo a lot ? - Sorry!). My eating wasn't to bad, as usual it started of great I stuck to the no meat for the first five days then I forgot and had a duck wrap! By the end of the week I had lost around 2 or 3 lbs I think judging by my gym scales but as I stepped on them this morning I was not pleased with the 2 and a half lbs I had put on and that had me wondering. Was my tea faulty? and I will go on to tell you why I think this. I also go gym and I ate well during the first week, but during the second week I didn't eat so well and I still went gym so could it have been that I was eating well AND going gym during the first week that made me lose what I lost? I am confused because I didn't have the side effects all the ladies I spoke to warned me of (nothing harmful I am referring to the laxative) which I feel is pretty disappointing as I feel it didn't work for me as well as it should have. I also lost two inches on my waist...then put on another half so a total of 1 and a half. I feel as if I expected so much more from this due to everyone including some known people on the internet such as +Rosa Acosta  recommending it but I am still left with the idea that my pack was not right hence why it didn't work for me as well as I wanted it to.

I hope this was helpful for anyone considering to purchase and try the tea tox themselves and I hope I didn't put you off in anyway. Everyone has different side effects and yours may be different. I won't be giving up so easily as I still have another 14 day tea tox and I will be sticking to it as well as exercising 6 days a week for the upcoming to weeks to see what sort of results I get out of it. I will keep you updated with this in another two weeks when I post the 28 day review.

If you are UK based you can purchased for £19.99 for a 14 day or £ 37.99 for a 28 day for  BooTea of the official website Here, or like I did some my local Holland and Barrett store (Online Here)

Monthly Summary: So Long June, Welcome July.

1 July 2014

So we are now at the end of June and it has been a very busy one. We welcomed some London's sometimeish sunshine back once again and more daylight to our days, and have some amazing television entertainment thanks to US dramas and the return of the World Cup. I love a game of football and this has been one of the highlights of the month, just well gutted that only one of my teams made it to the final 16 (Brazil).

If you are a regular reader you would have noticed that I haven't been blogging as much as I usually would as I have been, but June really had me all over the place. I had the end of university to deal with as well as loads of work and AT work. A lot also in personal life and I felt that my family and friends needed me more so I stuck to making them happy like you should. June was most definitely the beauty box month for me as I got my hands on three amazing boxes (LIB Dream box, June Birchbox and Selfridges beauty project box) with loads of full sized goodies which I am totally happy about, I also managed to grab a decent faux leather biker and my beloved heroine after months and months of searching. Let's hope I find a real leather Biker by the end of the year though. I have also finally stuck to the healthy eating and exercise routine I have been wanting for ages but it would always fail. I know it has only been a month and despite small small changes, I am happier, less stressed and enjoying it. I will keep you all involved on my health and fitness journey once I reach my 8 week mark in mid August of CONSTANT dedication (I have only been 100% good as of two weeks ago). So much more went on but it's all boring stuff to you.

So Goodbye June And Hello July!

July will be just as busy as June but I will do my best to post as much as I can, I've managed to get some amazing new products already and the month has just started so they will be getting used and reviewed! I will also stop doing reviews on beauty boxes but if there are any amazing ones I get I will mention it via instagram (IG: Allthingsmonica). From the 28th of this month onwards I will also be away so I am apologising in advance for not being able to blog anything.

Blogwise, I feel like my blog is going down the wrong direction and even though its about All Things me, it isn't about me YET. A lot of changes will be coming soon and hopefully you guys will enjoy these changes along with more fashion, lifestyle and beauty reviews. So I will leave you all with a snippet of snaps thanks to my camera roll and as you can see by my selfies I really didn't do anything glam judging by my makeup! I just want to add a quick thank you to all my readers despite the lack of posts in the last few weeks, your views mean a lot and motivate me to want to blog more for you!

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