Birchbox x Harpers Bazaar

13 May 2014

If you keep up to date with my blog you will know this is now my fourth subscription with Birchbox. Now when, Bbox announced they were having a collab once again I literally rolled my eyes despite the pretty pattern on their website. Just a few weeks back I received an email saying that EVERYONE will be receiving a Benefit They're Real mascara which cheered me up. My subscription is £10 a month (plus p+p) and I know Boots sells the mini deluxe sample alone for £8 so that isn't too bad I guess. I received my box on friday and I literally rushed to open it. Now, Was I content? YES, because finally I had a box of high quality and most definitely worth my money.

This Month's Harper's Bazaar Special Edition Box is packed full of their favourite products and trust me, they have good taste. The packaging itself is beautiful, and even worth keeping, no low quality print either, inside it came in their usual brown drawstring bag which is cute but I don't really see the point and more like a waste as I have no use for so many. Now, moving on to the products, my box contained six different products, one which I already own (and have lots of) was the Benefit They're real Mascara I mentioned above, which I absolutely love and find these smaller sized sample ones so handy for travelling or just popping in to your handbag. The sample itself also lasts a while I would say around two months or so if you use it daily. Other Items included were the Aromatherapy Bath Oil, which I found stank, but did work well in the bath, Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner which smelt lovely and the shampoo lathers up very well, the conditioner however was not really for me as I didn't really feel it was 'conditioning' anything. I also received a Soigné nail polish in a pink nude with hint of glitter, which did look amazing on my toes, came well presented in a luxury box but was a nightmare to open and a Liz Earle face polish which did leave my skin feeling pretty smooth. This product was definitely the one that stood out in the box for me, I find the whole idea of the muslin square to remove the cream from the face quite clever and I did see the dirt on it too which showed me my face was being cleaned well. Size wise it was also very good, it was a 30ml which I believe should last me for the whole month allowing me to test out the product well and really consider if I would like to purchase it or not. Would I buy it? So far, I do think I would.

From Left to Right: Soigné Nail Lacquer, Aromatherapy Bath Oil, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

What the box contained:

Benefit They're Real Mascara: £19.50 HERE  Mini Deluxe: £8 Boot's In store
Soigné Nail Lacquer in Crème Au Beurre: £11 HERE
Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil: £39 HERE
Beauty Protector Shampoo & Conditioner: £14 each HERE
Liz Earle Beauty Co. Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: £14.75 HERE

I would definitely give this box a 9/10 simply because the Aromatherapy oil was small and I believe that if it was double the size I would have been able to judge it better. This box will most definitely be selling out very quick. You can grab yourself the box on Birchbox now and if you sign up using my code HERE you will also go £5 to use in their online shop which has full sized products such as Benefit, OPI, Beauty Blender (Yes the real deal) and many many more!

Did you get a box or considering one? Let me know your views by popping a comment below, I would love know hear your thoughts x

The Simpsons x MAC Cosmetics: Marge the style icon?

12 May 2014

Oh yes, you read well Marge Simpson will be having a collaboration of her own with MAC Cosmetics this Fall! Thinking back to previous episodes I watched, she was quite the dolled up babe who loved getting her massive afro did yet ever so minimalistic. The collection is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the worlds favourite television characters. I am excited for this Months Disney Maleficent collab (and the movie too) as well as the Lorde x Mac Lipstick which is due to come out later in June but as you can see, it is releases such as these that makes MAC the coolest makeup manufacturer (In my opinion) as they always bring fun to the brand. The famous show which aired in December 1989, marks its quarter of a century this fall, so why not celebrate it with something for us ladies too? Now this will definitely be a collab I WILL be getting a piece of, I usually tend to miss out on some as I feel they usually are copycats of something that is already in the MAC permanent range.
Judging by Marge being the main focus for this collab I am assuming the palette will involve some yellow and blue no doubt, but as of yet there are no product details. Check back on the blog for more details on the upcoming release and the US and UK release dates! #MACandMARGE

May Beauty Haul

11 May 2014

Hi Ladies, it has been a while since my last post but so much has been going on lately that blogging was the last thing on my mind. I've missed it though, and the small break away from it has left me filled with ideas and posts for you guys in the upcoming weeks. So yes, I am back to posting regularly for you and I PROMISE I will start street style and more fashion related posts within the next three weeks. Would love to know if there is any specific posts you would like to see on here so leave a comment, tweet me or even email me your suggestions.

I have never done one of these, but this month has started off great as due to the bank holiday so many stores and online shops were doing deals and have tons of discounts so why not treat myself to some beauty treats. I was running low on so many things so most items had to purchased anyway. I have never done a post like this and it wasn't well planned either but I got some amazing things that I thought would be great for some of you. I haven't used everything YET but as I go along I will review most or post my thoughts on some via instagram (If you don't follow me then make sure you do, it's the AllThingsMonica). Surprisingly there wasn't much on my usual Wish Lists this month which was lovely but we can never have to many beauty goods IMO. Boots was the main saviour this month and I definitely made the most of the 3 for 2. Read below to see all of this months goodies...

Skin, Body & Hair

New season = new fragrance and I love Juicy couture fragrances so I had to purchase one from their current Malibu collection. It's strong, with hints of watermelon which is so yummy but I was expecting it to be much fruitier than it is. I have recently gotten some spots on my face which have lead me to believe I now suffer from adult acne. I am not the type that gets spots, EVER unless I'm super stressed but during the last month I had two nasty spots after waxing my face for the first time which have left a mark (I'm so gutted, never again) and now on the opposite side I have another spot.It might seem as if I'm fussing over a spot or two but this is something very new to me and quite scary as I don't know how to deal with it. I have now changed my usual moisturiser for the Effaclar Dou+ which has good recommendations for this but if you know of anything PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Also managed to get a Soap & Glory body wash (amongst other toiletries I haven't added to this post as its pointless) and I am only featuring it here because I find the pump so handy as I tend to overuse shower gel and washes far too much! Smells lush, like the original Soap & Glory products.

Now this breaks my heart: I purchased this Kiko serum in the picture above because it was down from £12.90 to £4.90 only to find out it is about to be discontinued. Since purchasing this I have used it around four times after my hair has dried naturally and it is amazing. It is my first Kiko purchase too so that made a good impression on the brand. Another hair goodie I got was a sort of Jelly based hair hold by Umberto Giannini, I got the travel sizes version to test out FIRST to see what it is really about, but the name really won me over. If you follow my blog and read my birchbox reviews you will know I previously got a sample of the Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose hand cream and raved about how great it was. If something IS great in those boxes I DO purchase, so this is a little proof of that. Now Last but not least, Boots finally sell this cult Australian ointment I have had my eye on for a while. I mainly had my eye on it for my mum as she suffers from very dry skin on her hands, but I will definitely be trying this out myself as it is meant to be good. It's very thick and the smell is not the greatest but its not sickening or anything like that.

Products in Picture (Clockwise) :

Soap & Glory Clean Girls body wash  - £6.50 HERE 
Umberto Giannini scrunching curl fiends jelly - £5HERE 
Juicy Couture Malibu -£34 HERE 
PapayaGold Paw Paw moisturising balm - £5.99 HERE 
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ cream -  £15.50 HERE 
Molton Brown  Rhubarb & Rose hand cream- £10 HERE 
Kiko Curly Hair Serum  - £4.90 Similar HERE

Make up

Let me start off by saying, if you follow me on instagram you will probably know that I have finally managed to get my hands on the amazing Dip Brow and Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills, along with the famous brow powder and THE AMAZING (please trust me when I say amazing) #12 Brush. It was a lot to fork out for only eyebrows but I am so glad I did. I am still learning to use everything and lately my eyebrows have been doing me proud that I rarely feel the need to fill them in. I managed to grab another Brow Wiz as a lot of ladies are loving this product at the moment and I don't want it to randomly sell out when I finish my current one I purchased last month. I will review the products for you this week as a lot of you have already asked me to.

Anyway, back to the beauty section of this post I got a deal on everything on here except the Brow Wiz which was the full priced at £15.50, Benefit pencil sharpener, Benefit Gimme brow and the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish which was £22. Look Fantastic is an amazing website that I would recommend you all to check out and they do loads of known brands such as Benefit and Real techniques. They also do regular discounts which is great. I got a EX1 concealer and foundation from them which was only £17 together. It is great for brown/asian skin tones so if thats you, I totally recommend it. Will also be reviewing them this week. I had been after the NYX Jumbo eye pencil for the longest time and for it to be sold out so often must mean its a gooden so I did manage to finally get my hands on one earlier this month. The rest were all Boots buys with the 3 for 2 and a Rimmel Mascara thanks to the Rimmel 180 years that only cost me £1.80 for ASOS!

Products Featured in above picture:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette - £15.50 HERE
Benefit Gimme brow - £17.50 HERE
EX1 concealer in D300 (Nc43) - £6.50 HERE
EX1 foundation in F300 (Nc42/43) - £10.50 HERE
Benefit Sharpener - £4 HERE
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk - £5 HERE
L'oreal Super Liner - £6.99 HERE
Bourjois Erasable Liner - £7.99 HERE
Real Techniques Retractable lip brush - £7.99 HERE
Real Techniques Setting brush  - £8.99 HERE
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Extreme Curves Mascara - £6.99 HERE
MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Soft n Gentle - £22 HERE

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