Review: Benefit Brow zings vs. Sleek Brow Palette

28 April 2014

Good eyebrows are at the top of my beauty list, in fact, if I had to choose one makeup product to use for the rest of my life, it would be anything to do with my eyebrows. When it comes to doing my eyebrows I like to have a choice of different products so that depending how I feel and the look I am trying to achieve, I will go for a certain product. I have been using Brow Zings for two years or so now, more or less on and off but as I am now reaching the end of mine (yes it lasts quite some time) I thought I would try the Sleek Brow Kit instead as it is more than half price difference and meant to be a dupe. I heard a lot of good reviews about the Sleek palette so I had to put it to the test, and for the £8.49 price tag you can't really go wrong.
(Left to Right) Sleek Brow Kit and Benefit Brow Zings

First thing I noticed is the two have similar packaging. They're both black, square matt boxes and quite discreet. Even the faint writing on them had me confused as to which one I was picking up as it isn't noticeable.  Inside, they both came with a powder and gel brush (one of each) and a pair of mini tweezers which are great to keep in your handbag.

Benefit Brow Zings £24.50:
 The brow zing comes in three different shades; light medium and dark, and I chose the medium as I have dark brown eyebrows and didn't want the scouse brow look. In this box there is also much more powder and gel but only as much to possibly last you an extra month or so more than the Sleek kit depending how often it is used.

Application: The brushes don't make it easy first of all, and the gel feel much more thicker, however it is easier to build up and the powder sticks straight away. It also seems to feel waterproof too as I have forgotten to 'take off' my brows in the past and when I came out the shower they were still intact even after a face scrub!
Staying Power out of 10: 8/10
Rating out of 10: 7/10

Sleek Brow Kit £8.49:
The gel that this box contained was easier to apply and left a much smoother finish which made the application super easy and quick. The powder on the other hand swatches lighter on my hand than it did on my eyebrow somehow but what I am saying is that it comes out darker than I assumed it would. The brushes inside this palette were much sturdier than the ones included in the Benefit palette also, but I usually use a mac brush which is smaller and much denser, this allows me to apply powder only to the areas I want powder applied on, whilst the ones included apply the powder all over the eyebrow evenly,and this is a good thing but unfortunately for me, I only need to fill in some gaps as my natural eyebrows are already quite full as I've mentioned in previous posts. 

Application: The best application was this, as the brushes are great so you get a smooth and precise application, however it was rather dark and in a good way I didn't need to go over it with the gel nor the powder. On one of the days I wore this I needed to scratch my eyebrow and it did smudge despite me having used my ELF brow gel on top to hold. I wasn't impressed by this. 
Staying Power out of 10: 6/10
Rating out of 10: 5/10

Above: Sleek Kit and Brow Zings Swatched: Left Sleek Gel & Powder and Brow Zing Gel & Powder.

Left: Brow Zing Right: Sleek Brow

Both products had their good and bad points, but there is always one that will stand out more to me. If feel that if I had to choose which product I would be the Brow Zings as it is a little more easier on the brows than the Sleek kit is and has a greater staying on power too. Having both palettes is also good if you love the gradient eyebrow look as one powder is a shade or so lighter than the other. You can purchase the Benefit Brow Zing, which comes in three different shades  HERE and the Sleek Brow Kit which comes in four different shades, including black, HERE.

Have you got either of the kits or have considered purchasing one of them before? Hit me up with some comments as I would love to hear all your views!

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  1. I use the Benefit one in the darkest shade and have done so for over a year and a half and still have loads left! The Benefit rep showed me a great way to apply which is using the gel brush, put in the gel, then dab with the powder, do this back n forth a couple times finishing with the powder and then apply. This creates a less harsh look and prevents over application. I've never done it any other way.


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