Review: Benefit Brow zings vs. Sleek Brow Palette

28 April 2014

Good eyebrows are at the top of my beauty list, in fact, if I had to choose one makeup product to use for the rest of my life, it would be anything to do with my eyebrows. When it comes to doing my eyebrows I like to have a choice of different products so that depending how I feel and the look I am trying to achieve, I will go for a certain product. I have been using Brow Zings for two years or so now, more or less on and off but as I am now reaching the end of mine (yes it lasts quite some time) I thought I would try the Sleek Brow Kit instead as it is more than half price difference and meant to be a dupe. I heard a lot of good reviews about the Sleek palette so I had to put it to the test, and for the £8.49 price tag you can't really go wrong.
(Left to Right) Sleek Brow Kit and Benefit Brow Zings

First thing I noticed is the two have similar packaging. They're both black, square matt boxes and quite discreet. Even the faint writing on them had me confused as to which one I was picking up as it isn't noticeable.  Inside, they both came with a powder and gel brush (one of each) and a pair of mini tweezers which are great to keep in your handbag.

Benefit Brow Zings £24.50:
 The brow zing comes in three different shades; light medium and dark, and I chose the medium as I have dark brown eyebrows and didn't want the scouse brow look. In this box there is also much more powder and gel but only as much to possibly last you an extra month or so more than the Sleek kit depending how often it is used.

Application: The brushes don't make it easy first of all, and the gel feel much more thicker, however it is easier to build up and the powder sticks straight away. It also seems to feel waterproof too as I have forgotten to 'take off' my brows in the past and when I came out the shower they were still intact even after a face scrub!
Staying Power out of 10: 8/10
Rating out of 10: 7/10

Sleek Brow Kit £8.49:
The gel that this box contained was easier to apply and left a much smoother finish which made the application super easy and quick. The powder on the other hand swatches lighter on my hand than it did on my eyebrow somehow but what I am saying is that it comes out darker than I assumed it would. The brushes inside this palette were much sturdier than the ones included in the Benefit palette also, but I usually use a mac brush which is smaller and much denser, this allows me to apply powder only to the areas I want powder applied on, whilst the ones included apply the powder all over the eyebrow evenly,and this is a good thing but unfortunately for me, I only need to fill in some gaps as my natural eyebrows are already quite full as I've mentioned in previous posts. 

Application: The best application was this, as the brushes are great so you get a smooth and precise application, however it was rather dark and in a good way I didn't need to go over it with the gel nor the powder. On one of the days I wore this I needed to scratch my eyebrow and it did smudge despite me having used my ELF brow gel on top to hold. I wasn't impressed by this. 
Staying Power out of 10: 6/10
Rating out of 10: 5/10

Above: Sleek Kit and Brow Zings Swatched: Left Sleek Gel & Powder and Brow Zing Gel & Powder.

Left: Brow Zing Right: Sleek Brow

Both products had their good and bad points, but there is always one that will stand out more to me. If feel that if I had to choose which product I would be the Brow Zings as it is a little more easier on the brows than the Sleek kit is and has a greater staying on power too. Having both palettes is also good if you love the gradient eyebrow look as one powder is a shade or so lighter than the other. You can purchase the Benefit Brow Zing, which comes in three different shades  HERE and the Sleek Brow Kit which comes in four different shades, including black, HERE.

Have you got either of the kits or have considered purchasing one of them before? Hit me up with some comments as I would love to hear all your views!

I want it all!

22 April 2014

So with payday in exactly 7 days (of course I'm counting down) and a million and one things I want, I had to be considerate of my bank account and my priorities with what I want to splurge on this coming pay day. I received loads for my birthday which I am so so thankful for that's to my parents, friend and amazing other half and I will do a 'Birthday Haul' sometime this week and show you what I got and maybe there might be something that will catch you eye! Anyway, but to the point of this post, yeah because I got quite a bit on my birthday, and also treated myself to some new bits of makeup and clothing, there isn't much I feel I need to buy or much that I now want.

I've narrowed down my list to things that I will actually use and wear over the summer rather than pretty things I will only wear once or twice.

The List:

Topshop Heights Sandals: £26 HERE
Tarte Mascara: £19.50 HERE
Topshop Joni Jeans: £36 HERE
ASOS Cape: £22 HERE
Philosophy Hope in a Jar night Cream: £37 HERE
H&M Trenchcoat: £25 HERE
Viktor & Rolf BonBon: From £50 HERE
Topshop Blue Bralet: £22 HERE
Ex1 Foundation: £10.50 HERE

Let me know what's on your wishlist this month by leaving a comment below x

Review: Benefit Porefessional vs. Mayebelline Baby Skin

21 April 2014

I have been planning this review for some time now as I finally gave in to buying the Maybelline Baby Skin after eyeing it up for a couple of months. My pores are not noticeable so my main reason for using a primer is to make my make up stay. I don't have oily or dry skin yet some days my make doesn’t seem to stay on for long (or at least when I want it to). I have been using the Porefessional primer by Benefit for sometime, and have heard that the Baby Skin is a cheaper dupe of this so that more or less sold it to me.

Both primers are silicone based, and have the purpose of hiding pores whilst leaving a matt, smooth texture on the skin. They work by gently filling in your pores leaving a smooth canvas for your base. The first difference is the shade, despite both being one shade fits all, the Baby Skin is transparent in colour, whilst Porefessional is a nude shade. They both blend well and unseen underneath foundation, or tinted moisturisers. The packaging was very much copycat when it comes to the chosen colour as they are both hints of blue, but neither of them have fancy packaging anyway. 

I feel that using a primer underneath allows you to prevent blackheads, as you basically fill in your pores and doesn't allow your foundation or dirt to enter them. Because I rarely have any blackheads and no wrinkles I can't comment on what these two do for that.

The Test

Baby Skin:

I wore them on consecutive days one at a time in order than having only tested it for a day each, just in case it was a bad skin/bad make up day making the whole review a little unfair. Application wasn't bad, but I felt as if I was using a lot of product and it felt kind of wet due to its gel like consistency. It did stay put and makeup did seem very flawless too which I loved, no oily or dry patches either and very much like the Porefessional. On the second day I used it however, it didn't seem to last more than five hours which was quite disappointing as I don't carry makeup around with me and I don't like to touch up my makeup either as it makes me feel like I am caking over the old makeup leaving me feeling dirty and uncomfortable.


Now this is something I have been using for well over a year so I kind of felt I didn't need to reapply to test it out, but I did. It seems much thinner and silkier when applied, and feels matt straight away leaving it much easier to put on my foundation. Throughout the day I felt that if I touched my face I would leave a mark as it leaves a fresh, make up just done, feeling but no marks whatsoever. Just like the baby skin it did stay put around half a day, with no marks. The second day it was the exact same thing, which was nice to know it is consistent. I also felt that it helped me take my makeup off much easier in the evening so that earned some brownie points from me.


Erm yes, I would definitely say it is, the only difference I would say is the application, as I feel like I had to wait for the baby skin to dry, whilst with the Porefessional its feels matt straight away and I don't have to spend time waiting for the baby skin to dry. By me saying this, it doesn't mean the baby skin is a wet product, but simply how it feels on my skin. The baby skin makes the skin feel much smoother but the porefessional left my skin looking more flawless. IF I had to choose out of one of these it would be ever so hard, but the porefessional does win it for me, as I can apply my makeup straight after it's application and the staying power lasts much longer (hence the hefty price tag) which is another plus for me. However I can't say that either of them aren't good products as they are absolutely amazing and do wonders for my make up routine.

If I could sell you either one, it would be the Porefessional but if the price tag is too much and you're looking for something similar then I suggest you definitely grab the Baby Skin because its cheaper than half price with similar benefits. You can grab the Porefessional for £24.50 HERE and the Baby Skin for £7.99 HERE.

Have you used any of them or know an even better primer for normal skin? Let me know your thoughts and leave any comments below!

Haul: April 2014

14 April 2014

With payday come and gone and this month being my birthday I went ALL OUT! It has been a while since I done a proper shop and this felt too good. I'm slowly building on my spring/summer wardrobe so I decided to mostly get footwear as usually, by the time I buy sandals all the nice ones I want are usually sold out in my size. I was in such guilt when I realised how much I spent in total, but it is always nice to treat yourself. A lot of what I bought may be sold out by now so I do apologise, but I have linked it below incase anyone is interesting in the items. I was in two minds about Keeping most of the things I bought as a couple don't fit...YET, and I am so impatient when it comes to having something so I just told myself to relax as they will end up fitting. I'm the type that will buy the bigger size to wear now, and after two wears it no longer fits and just gets forgotten about, so I kept it ALL!
Below are a few of the exciting pieces I want to share with you...

What I bought:

Zara Studio Guipure Lace Camisole (cream and navy) - £20 each
H&M Aviators - £3.99
H&M Hoop Earrings - In Store £2.99

Hoped you enjoyed this post, and saw something you like! From next month onwards I will be doing more street style related posts, and you will be able to get a better look at the clothes and outfits I post. So until then, Let me know what you spent your pay on this month :) Leave a comment...or two in the box below x

Review: Birchbox April 2014

13 April 2014

So we're half way through one of my favourite months of the year and amongst my many deliveries this week was my April Subscription of Birchbox! Now, I always get excited to see what is inside because it more or less is a surprise every time! I knew most of the brands inside this months edition so I was pretty familiar yet I hadn't actually tried any...Except the delicious popcorn.

My Birchbox contained:

TheBalm Cosmetics - Cheek & Lip Cream in Pie
Lord & Berry - Couture Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil
Color Club - 'Heirloom pearls' Gala's Gems Nail Polish
Yes To Cucumbers - Facial Wipes
Campos De Ibiza- Almendra Body Milk
Lifestyle Extra:
Propercorn - Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Popcorn

My Thoughts:

I'm going to give you my honest opinion, this is only my third month getting a Birchbox subscription, and sample wise, I expect much more and lately they keep getting smaller and smaller.  
First up, the Lord & Berry Eye pencil was super tiny, however it was rather dark and did glide on super well. The thing I didn't like it, if you accidently touched your eye, you'll have panda eyes for the whole day. Then, I tried the Campos De Ibiza Body lotion which was super runny, smelt weird and nothing like Almonds and didn't feel like it would hydrate my skin one bit. This was the only new brand to me, and I definitely wont be doing any more research on it. The packaging was plain and tacky too - sorry, not sorry. Next, came the TheBalm How 'Bout Them Apples lip and cheek stain in the shade Pie, which is part of a palette in other shades. The packaging was the cutest, especially for a sample, I loved everything about it from the illustration to the shade... Until I put it on, which didn't show up. Now this doesn't mean that the product isn't any good, it was just the same shade as my natural lip colour. The Color Club nail polish is a great shade for toes in the summer, its a pearly white thats quite opaque, I now wear Gel nails once again so I haven't had the chance to try this one out,  however I did swatch it on a nail wheel and it looked absolutely lush! Lastly was the Yes To Cucumber wipes, and YES this was my favourite as the little packet is so handy, refreshing and the brand is a great value for money. Now, I also received a small packet of Propercorn popcorn which I found was hilarious due to its size, it was mainly crumbs which made me think why did they even bother, but it is the thought that counts I guess.
I had a nose around instagram so I can see what others had gotten in their April boxes and it kind of made me disappointed with my own box. I really wanted to try the Laura Mercier cream as I wanted to purchase the full size myself and have been unsure for a while.

Now, this WAS meant to be my last box, but I feel like I can't exactly complain when I pay £10 a month to try something I may potentially end up liking. I am not saying I will continue subscribing forever, but for now, I'm definitely sticking with this, whilst I consider rejoining Glossybox for the second time. Do you have a Birchbox subscription too or are considering getting one? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box x

You can subscribe to Birchbox Here
and by using the above link, you get £5 to spend in their e-shop which contains brands such a Benefit and Essie, instead of only spending it on more Birchbox boxes which is really good. 

REVIEW: MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer

9 April 2014

From left to right: Criminal, Reckless and Kooky

Hi Guys, It has been so long since my last post, but I have been ever so busy with so much. Promise this won’t turn in to a habit. I have had half written posts and no photos, or photos and no posts which made it even harder for me. But here I am, with one of my delayed posts that I did mention a couple of weeks back on an Instagram post.

I searched so many Superdrugs and forever got teased with their empty shelves, so I had to order two online. One trip after winter wonderland with my boyfriend, I found the last one I wanted in the Marble Arch Superdrug! Now since then I haven’t used them, they just sat in my drawer until now. I haven’t worn lipstick or anything much apart from balms and lip liner lately as I suffered from mild Dermatophagia (a condition where you repeatedly bite the skin off your lips) and was left with uneven, dry and very flaky lips. whenever I wore lipstick or a stain you could just see how cracked my lips looked. Anyway back to the point of the review,  I really wanted these cause I have been after the Limecrime version for a very long time but haven't got around to buying them, so when I first saw this in superdrug and just swatched it on my hand  I was impressed and it reminded me of the LM ones straight away.  I love me a matte lipstick, its so easy to wear and I feel like I don’t have to reapply it constantly.

These are super pigmented, and a liquid when applied. These also take a while to dry, about 5 to 10 minutes for a complete dry pout.
They stayed put for about 6 hours, and once its off, it does leave a bit of a stain which I wasn't to happy with. The packaging reminds me of frosted glass, which makes them look much more expensive than they are, and although they are much more expensive that the other MUA products, I still feel that these were such a bargain.

The Purple - Kooky has to be my favourite colour, and the application was much smoother than the other ones too. This colour really suited me and I will definitely be wearing this one a lot as it isn’t one of those dark shades you can only wear at night, but during the day too.

The Pink - Criminal is such a pretty pink and a little like a dark Candy Yum Yum MAC shade, however it looked much brighter when applied. This shade wa probably the messiest to work with and the whole lip gloss wand applicator wasn not much help either, but despite it seeming like such a bright shade that I would not be able to pull off, it was ok. It is most definitely something I would wear when I have a tan with maybe only some bronzer.

The Red- Reckless is a deep red that totally resembled the LimeCrime Red Velvet instantly so of course I had to have it, but on the lip it was a much brighter shade of red which actually looks amazing on. As you can see from the below pictures I haven’t perfected the whole concealer to neaten the lipstick edges thing yet!

Wet Swatches: Reckless, Kooky and Criminal

Overall, I thought these were fabulous and great value for money, Once I get used to this formula I will be purchasing the Limecrime version (which has amazing reviews already ladies! ) as I am still finding these a little hard to work with cause I always end up forgetting my lips haven’t dried yet and rub them together causing the texture to look a little flaky, But if you can get your hands on these, then go for it! I’m sure you’ll love them as much as i do.

Have you tried the MUA Velvet Lips? If so, What is your favourite shade? Would love to know what you think of these. These are available to buy online at superdrug for only £3 each here:  Reckless Kooky Criminal

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