Review: Curlformers

27 March 2014

So this month, whilst out shopping in Oxford street I passed a Sally’s store which I have been planning on visiting for some times. Whenever I go on blogs or watch US based Youtuber’s they always mention they got this or that from Sally’s. In the UK its a different story. There isn’t much selection and the prices aren’t as great as they are abroad. One thing did catch my eye and it was these. I have wanted them for some time, my best friend mentioned them to me and went on about how great they are. I have natural curly hair, so I don’t exactly need these, but they are meant to be heat free and should give you neat curls. I purchased them mainly for my own use, with the intentions of also reviewing them in a positive way. The kit I purchased was the Long and Narrow Curlformers Styling Kit, that came with 40 Long & Narrow Curlformers and 2 styling hooks. They come is two separate pieces, which you CAREFULLY have to put them together, I ended up breaking one with my clumsy self. The kit has 2 different colors: 20 Green Curlformers, which curl clockwise, and 20 blue Curlformers that curl anti clockwise. The different colors allow you to choose what direction the curls fall.The application is said to be quick and easy with great results but I disagree sadly, somehow they didn’t work how I expected them to. The rollers are priced at £45.95 in store however they are cheaper online, selling for £41.95.

close up of the curlformer rollers

The application looks easy, you get two hooks that looks like sewing needles, which you thread through one of the curlformers, attach to a section of the hair and slide through until you can pull the hook out of the other end. 3 out of 4 times I was yanking on my own hair painfully as it wouldn’t thread through the curlformer! I thought the application would be as effortless as the Youtubers make it out to be but clearly not. I used the Cantu curl cream with it (pictured above) as I did not want a hard set, more like soft free curls. Once you get the hang of it, it isn’t so bad, and it is much easier if you have the help of somebody as the hair wouldn’t really hook proper onto the styling hooks when I was applying the curlformers.

Now, I am not saying these aren’t good, because all the tutorials I watched gave good results but not what I was looking for. my curls cam out different. some were too neat and absolutely fake and the others were messy. Maybe I should have added more of a hold for them, or maybe this isn’t the product for me. I don’t think I will give up on it just too yet but for the time being, I definitely will be sticking to my natural curls.

Now, I don’t have result pictures for you because I got so annoyed with my result, but I may do an update if I ever learn how to work with them. If anyone has used these before, I would love to know how you got on with them. You can purchase them from Sally's official store [HERE]

REVIEW | Lulu Guinness x Birchbox (March)

20 March 2014

I was quite disappointed with this months birchbox. It is a collaboration with Lulu Guinness and the only thing they come up with is a candy stick!!! Oh come on, not even the box is red, or partially red. I mean, yes the sleeve was patterned but this isn't exactly a collab in my opinion. The box also contains two products that are meant to be Lulu's faves but this, once again, has nothing to do with the brand itself. I guess I had such high hopes for it that it did disappoint me when I opened it and had a look at the contents of my mini box.

Anyway, back to the point of this post, the box this month contained three body care product samples, two make up samples which happen to both be primers and a body lotion, hand cream and a perfume sample. Below are the products in more detail :

Benefit 'Stay don't Stray' Eyeshadow Primer [HERE]
This has to be the highlight of my box as I love Benefit cosmetics. I have only been using eyeshadow primer for about a year or so now going from the UD Primer potion to the Elf eyeshadow primer which I absolutely adore and have tons and tons of it in my make up box. However, there is no harm in trying something new. So I have used this twice as part of my make up routine so far, and the Deluxe sample in my box will probably last me another 10 applications which is great, but I don’t feel like it has the greatest staying power in my opinion. I wore it only for 8 hours and by the time I had gotten home, there was only small specks on the shimmer from my shadow left. Doubt I will be purchasing this once it finishes.

No 7 English Laundry for women [HERE]
Not exactly much to say on this product, however it is nice but not something I would really wear, but I am considering buying this for my mother as a everyday perfume. It is the perfect spring scent, that reminds me of the rainy days yet to come. It has notes of Jasmine, pears and a hint of vanilla in my opinion.

Korres citrus body milk [HERE]
Korres body milk has an amazing cute packaging and such a generous size sample too. My first impression of it was ‘It smells like mens products’, because of the citrusy/musky smell it has to it so it kind of put me off instantly. I used this after a gym session as its small and doesn’t take up much space in my bag, but an hour or two later I had dry ankles already! I won’t be trying it again after that, as clearly it does nothing for my skin.

Molton Brown 'Rhubarb and Rose' hand cream [HERE]
I’ve been familiar with the Molton Brown brand for some time now, but I haven’t gone as far as their shower gels yet, so when  I saw this sample in my box this month I was quite excited. The scent name did worry me a little because does ‘Rhubarb and Rose’ even go together? ER, YES IT DOES! The cream smells absolutely amazing, and not as sickening as I imagined it to be. It also left my hands soft, feeling hydrated without the stickiness some hand creams leave. I will totally be purchasing this once I finish my L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner  [HERE]

I have heard of this before but I haven’t really leant over to switching from what I have as this is meant to be for oily/combination skin whereas mine is nomal. When I applied it, I felt like it was sliding off, but my base did seem to stay on fairly well. The price is also very expensive, and I don’t think it’s for me I’m afraid.

Overall, I expected much more from this box that what was received. I will continue my subscription for another month, and IF I ain't satisfied I will be moving back to Glossy Box once again. Have you got a Birchbox subscription, or own any of the products I have listed above? Let me know your opinions by commenting below!

Wishlist | It's My Birthday! (Soon)

17 March 2014

So I turn 22 on the 17th of the following month, and for once I'm a little excited as I have been so busy and I really want to spend that day with my loved ones. Every year around my birthday I never seem to get excited but this year it is totally different.

I've never been one to ask, but who doesn't like a gift or two?! I'm probably going to end up buying all this myself, and in a way its a way of further narrowing down whatever is on my wish lists at the moment. I absolutely need the Lorac Pro Palette in my Make up Drawers as well as a new pretty make up bag, and I'm still in search for the perfect go with anything and everything biker jacket. Shoes, I own many so I'm not too fussed but a girl can never have too many shoes. Every year I have cupcakes and balloons, it is kind of like a tradition and I really like that about it and I hope it never changes (yes, even when I’m 72). I have added so many things to this list that it's going to take forever to mention them all in detail or why I feel like they own a place in my life somehow. 

So if you are family or a friend (or just generous) and are planning to get me a gift this year, you’re welcome to use the ideas listed below! It is a pretty big list, and I guess I don't expect to receive these but more of a ‘what I really want out of everything I want’ list than a birthday want list. Looking for a gift to purchase for someone any time soon? I've listed the links of everything I have pictured above, so here it goes:

1. Benefit Moisturiser - [HERE]
2. Marc Jacobs Make up bag - [HERE]
3.Personalised Necklace - [HERE]
4.Topshop Sandals - [HERE]
5.Lorac Pro Palette - [HERE]
6.Marc Jacobs Earrings - [HERE]
7.Topshop Joggers - [HERE]
8. Leather Biker Jacket - [HERE]
9.Topshop White Sandals - [HERE]
10.ASOS weave clutch - [HERE]
11.Adidas x Topshop collection - Coming Soon!
12.Alexa Chung 'IT' book - [HERE]
13.Fuji Instax Mini 8 - [HERE]
14. Sweeties! - Tesco, you don't exactly need a link for this ;)
15. Nars Bronzer - [HERE]

A Spring Haul

16 March 2014

Well good evening pretty ladies (and gents)! It's been such lovely weather here in London today that I actually managed to get so much done! This weather makes you want to get out of bed earlier and do more, well for me anyway! So back to the aim of this post,  I have been planning to do a spring haul for the last two weeks but I had no time whatsoever to take pictures and actually sit down and write up a post, but I have finally managed to do it.

What girl does not enjoy shopping?! I feel that shopping is therapy as you forget your problems, and replace negativity with positivity (or new shoes). With 100 birthdays, holidays and a new camera to purchase I was hesitant about spending much this month, especially as I am trying to lose some weight (I will keep you updated), but after having a super long wish list, and not having treated myself in a while I gave in! My pictures aren't as great as I would want them to be, but as I haven't got a camera yet and I am having to use my iphone 5, this will have to do for now.

So with payday not too long ago, and a new season upon us I managed to grab all of these beauties this week:

Zara bag | £39.99 [Here]

Pastels are great and totally in this spring. I’m a great fan of pink but not so much one of pink clothing. I first came across this bag december last year but I had my heart of getting the Phillip Lim 3:1 mini that I totally  forgot about this. This bag is amazing, with many pockets which makes it easier for me to find things and it is not as small as it may look!

Zara ‘Stressed’ Clutch | £19.99 [Here]

As my love for clutches is growing, my collection is too. I spotted this online a couple of weeks ago but once it was available it sold out super quick, so when I went to find my pink bag I was surprised to find this baby in store and trust me, I did not think twice!

ASOS Kimono Playsuit | £42 [Here]

I bought this to wear to a friends birthday (you may have seen it more or less on my Instagram) and it looks so different to the picture? I really wanted to return it until I tried it on. It’s soft, fitting but not too figure hugging. I wore mine backwards as I didn’t like the fact it covered EVERYTHING up to my neck. Looked great either way, and it will look nice even with some converses during the summer for a more laid back look.

ASOS Vest | £18 [Here]

I first saw this vest online in january but held out so long it ended up selling out, I was so gutted when I realised. But the other week in the long queue for the Beyonce concert I was looking through my saved items to see my size was back in stock, and trust me I wasted no time in purchasing it. It looks so lovely on I cannot wait to show you guys!

ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans | £32 (each) [Blue] [Black]

Ok, buying these were so tricky. I first purchased a pair of size 10 in both only to try them on and seeing they were super massive on me, I returned them for an exchange to a size 8 and not they will not go over my bum! I love these, they are a soft feel, and super light for the summer. I cannot wait to lose some thighs and fit into these really soon. I’ll post pictures very soon for you guys.

Nike Air Force 1 | £47 [Here]

Spring = Sunnier and drier days, so I needed some basic white trainers that will go casually with whatever I wear, if its work, university or just a coffee with a friend. I wouldn’t usually go for these and I have way too many trainers anyway but they were so cheap and so easy to style so I couldn’t leave them.

New Look Watermelon Purse | £4 [Here]

It’s not the greatest little purse but I have recently starting going to the gym and I like to avoid carrying as much with me there as I can. My daily purse is a big Vivienne Westwood and I prefer this little watermelon for days I am not carrying a bag.

Above: My favourite pieces this week

What have you purchased so far this month? I’ve linked everything above also just in case you want to check it out.  Hope you have enjoyed this post and leave any comments below x

REVIEW: Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balms

5 March 2014

It has been a while since my last post, and I’m sorry about this. But adjusting back to Uni life, as well as working and being quite ill, I’m also on the hunt for a proper camera! Will be posting loads more after this, its just quite hard when you have to use an iPhone for every picture you take, and to be honest, they come out awful, so bare with me please.So after two weeks and me being totally late with these I finally got all the colours I wanted of the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms! Took me a while as they have been selling out pretty fast and I can certainly see why.

Revlon’s new Colorburst Matte Balm (£7.99 for 0.095 oz.) are meant to give you that “velvety matte look,” while still having the hydrating and comfort benefits of a balm. It is a jumbo-sized lip pencil that twists up, so there is no need to sharpen and none is wasted. All the shades I tested for this post were quite well pigmented with decent wear time, and definitely comfortable to wear although I would not exactly say they are balm-like. They also have sly minty scent to them. The shades I purchased were Elusive, Sultry and Shamless from the Matte collection and Demure from the Lacquer collection. At first I wasn’t too keen on the Lacquer balms as they looked very much like last springs Revlon ‘Just Bitten Kissable’ Balm stains but boy was I wrong. These are the perfect shade for everyday wear, with a hint of stain, gloss and glitter all rolled in to one which is great. 
Swatches and review scores below:

From left to right: Demure, Elusive, Sultry, Shamless

Top: Elsusive and Sultry Bottom: Demure and Shamless

 Demure: Product Overall: 5/10 Pigmentation: 2/10 Application: 7/10 Texture:7 /10 Longevity: 3/10
 Elusive: Product Overall: 6/10 Pigmentation: 7/10 Application: 6/10 Texture: 7/10 Longevity: 6/10
 Sultry: Product Overall: 6/10 Pigmentation: 8/10 Application: 5/10 Texture: 7/10 Longevity: 6/10
 Shamless: Product Overall: 7/10 Pigmentation: 5/10 Application: 6/10 Texture: 7/10 Longevity: 7/10

I adore all they're fresh and buttery feels, and I may just grab a couple more whilst boots has them for 3 for 2 at the moment! Have you tried any? What are your favourites? Let me know guys x
You can buy them from Boots HERE or superdrug HERE

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