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17 February 2014

Asos is my all time favourite shop for the last seven years, and I end up spending ridiculous amounts regularly online. As ASOS has so much amazing things to offer on their website, I have decided to do a monthly wish list in order to help me narrow down what I really want until pay day comes and to help you guys take a look at the amazing things they have! So here are my favourites this month:

1. Marc Jacobs Amy Watch £185 - I know longer have a watch so this is a very big need. Find it HERE

2. Creme De La Femme iPhone Case £8 - I keep a rechargeable case on my phone at all times, so its time for a change. The bulkiness aint cute! Find it HERE

3. Asos coin purse £12 - I currently have a massive Vivienne Westwood purse which I've had for years but lately I keep forgetting to close it and my change falls out into my handbag, so this will prevent it from happening again. Find it HERE

4. Asos Crop Layer Jumpsuit £50 - I have a friends birthday coming up but finding a dress is turning in to such a chore. This baby right here is cute but dressy at the same time. I may have just found what I was looking for! Find it HERE

5. Puma Disc Trainers £80 - You may not know this but I absolutely love a trainer! And these are perfect for the Spring/Summer, dressed up or down. Find them HERE

6. New Look Xhatch Backpack £19.99 - Absolutely cute for going out after work or uni and not looking silly with my current backpack. Love the shape, its different. Find it HERE

7. Daisy Street Sweatshirt £12.99 - Simple and a staple. Need I say more? Find it HERE

8. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush £26 - I have seen this all over instagram and it looks amazing on. Can also be used as a highlighter too.The packaging reminds me of Charbonnel Et Walker truffles! Find it HERE

9. Maison Scotch Jumpsuit £140 - I need this! I am currently having a thing for Jumpsuits of all kinds and this looks like something I could wear all year round. The price is scary but I need this! Find it HERE

What are you loving from Asos at the moment?

REVIEW: Birchbox February Beauty Box #1

16 February 2014

So this week I received my first BirchBox in the post. I previously had both She Said Beauty and Glossbox subscriptions but She Said Beauty is no longer available and GlossyBox were forever repeating their items every other month. BirchBox is a monthly beauty box containing four to five premium health/beauty products and it is a good way of testing out products that you wouldn't normally go for and that you may actually end up loving! It has been nearly 6 months since I considered getting another subscription and to my surprise one saturday evening after constantly seeing it pop up everywhere I thought hey why not its only a tenner it won't exactly break the bank. So there I was typing away my bank details feeling quite excited.

I eagerly waited two week or so and on friday it finally arrived! I immediately opened it to find what goodies I’d be trying this month. It is half the size of my previous boxes, which is totally cool by me cause its not so much of a waste, another thing I noticed were that they came in a little drawstring bag which I found super cute but at the same time really pointless. Now inside came six different products; Hair polish, eyeliner, face scrub, hair oil, some shower Gel and a small teeny yummy Green and Black’s dark chocolate which I absolutely love all with the total value of approximately £25 even though they say its about £60 but you get samples, not full sized products. I was already familiar with two of the brands which were the Nail Rock Nail Polish and Eyeko liquid liner. The other three were totally new to me.

So here is what I think so far:

Nail Rock Nail Glitter | £6.99
I think glitter nails are so childish but I was excited to try this because it reminds me of the many Ciate nail ranges there are out now. The nail polish itself comes as a kit with a red polish and a pot of glitter, once applied it looks cheap even with two coats and the glitter is messy even when you use a cloth or a piece of paper underneath. The glitter does leave the nails looking pretty but I felt like I couldn't touch anything or I would leave glitter everywhere. It tells you to leave it for 15-20 minutes and it will be dry so I did these at around 1pm after lunch and a couple of hours at around 6:30pm I had a shower and the glitter completely came off after it! Overall I love the idea of this, but the glitter was not me.

Eyeko Skinny Me Liquid Eyeliner in Black | £12
I have not used the Eyeko brand since I was in school years ago when they used to sell it in Superdrug stores. My first impression was great, I was in need of a new liner anyway! It states that it will "help you create Alexa Chung-style feline flicks in a flash" but I felt like the application was soooo slow. The Felt tip reminds me of primary school style colouring pens and I felt as if I had to go over more than once to get that super black look. Smudge proof? totally, it dries instantly so theres no way of smudging even when you go over it twice but this was definitely not a product I would purchase again. I didn't like the way my liner looked and I felt super clumsy applying it on as the application wasn't smooth.

Beauty Protector Hair Oil | £16
This is a brand new product that is yet to release in the market. Its is a Birchbox exclusive and to my surprise, when I attempted to google it before trying it on my own hair I didn’t come across much. The sample I got was pretty small but enough to test out. The Beauty protector hair oil is an Argan oil which is super popular everywhere right now and it is like everyone is trying to make the best one on the market. So far I have only tried two (The Moroccan oil and the OGX argan oil) and it does wonders for my curly hair.

The BP oil is said to "Keeps hair healthy, shiny and happy. Beauty Protector Oil will guard against UV rays and heat, while it's smoothing and strengthening qualities work tirelessly", so after I had a shower I applied two pea sized drops onto my damp  hair before I blow dried and used my usual Cantu butter. Instantly I noticed the scent, it's a vanilla caramel sort of smell that instantly made me feel a tad sick but once applying it didn't feel like my hairs were sticking which for me is a big thumbs up. Once dry, it didn't feel any different and the next day nothing also. Now would I purchase this? Doubt it, only because its no different to what I use now and the smell is quite sweet and sickening which I hate.

Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish | £8.99
Now this beauty was definitely my favourite product out of the five. I looked online for reviews but nothing was detailed. so I only used about two pea sized drops for my whole face and instantly I felt this exfoliator at work. It has tiny beads and I feel that when they are tinier and feel quite coarse it works well but these beads don't feel harsh at all.This product did its name justice, it gives you a deep cleanse and It didn't lather too much. It is pretty gel like despite it also being pretty creamy and mess free. Once I dried my face and applied my moisturiser my skin looked as if I had just had a facial and thats what has won me over. I absolutely recommend this product and of course, I will be buying a full sized one after I finish with this one.

Gilchrist & Soames Shower Gel | £13.75
Now this product I have not got much to say really, the smell is not too strong which I like and once I creamed my skin I could no longer smell it. Nothing really special about this product, it something that would grab if I was running out of shower gel at home and nothing more and for the price, I would choose my Philosophy Shower gel any day.

Do you have a Birchbox subscription or tried any of the products above? If you have leave a comment or tweet me and let me know! If you liked the products I reviewed and would like to have a look or purchase then check below:

Nail Rock Nail Glitter
Eyeko Skinny Me Liquid Eyeliner
Beauty Protector Hair Oil
UV Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish
Gilchrist & Soames Shower Gel

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